Squad Based Combat

Combat Round

Combat is not done individually – well at least not done chaotic where everyone does their own thing. Combat should be done as a team or in this case a squad.

Combat will be done in this order:

AWARENESS: The first thing that happens before any engagement is whether or not you can sense the opponents (and vice versa). A single group awareness roll is made for both groups and based on visual capability (darkness, indoors, etc) determine the distance that both of you become aware of each other. The side that becomes aware before the other will determine surprise.

INITIATIVE: Initiative is rolled once per squad by the squad (team) captain. This person also has 30 seconds to help coordinate battle plans with the group. If he does this he is allowed to roll a special tactics roll and add any leadership levels he has to the roll. If he succeeds he will get a bonus to the roll. Also the side the wins initiative determines which side will move first.

DECLARATION: The declaration system has been streamlined and now the only time you need to declare is if you are performing the following in combat:

  • You start the round within 2m of an opponent and you declare you are engaging in melee which causes a melee lock (forces the other person to not move).
  • You attempt to disengage in melee (allowing the other to decide to do the same) – this does not take up an action so if the opponent decides not to disengage you can still attack.
  • Use Total Defense option in Melee
  • You need to declare opportunity fire and the direction of that fire
  • Lastly, you need to declare any skill action or other special action that isn’t combat specific.

MOVEMENT: Once any declaration is done the side that won initiative should have already determined who was going to move first. That side then moves their squad one at a time. You then need to put either in the declaration or as a status marker on your character how fast you move (Walk/Run/Dodge). This helps with determining how hard you are to hit. No marker indicates you are stationary. During your movement you also must declare whether you are using cover.

  • Anyone who has declared opportunity fire and someone moves at least 1 square within the field of fire can be shot at. Opportunity fire only works with weapons with 2 or 3 ROF. Bursts can’t be used for opportunity fire.
  • You can only fire one less than your ROF in opportunity fire shots.
  • When you do move you move one square at a time using your arrow keys and then when you are done you announce that is the end of your movement
  • You also must state if you are changing your position (kneeling / Prone). This doesn’t cost anything unless you are moving from prone (takes 1/2 your walk speed).
  • Corners automatically grant hard cover (unless the corner is made from weak counters). You can ALWAYS be hit from corners
  • Encumbrance and wounded status (1/2 STA) cuts your movement in half (cumulative) and wounded status also cuts your carrying capacity in half.
  • STACKING: Up to 2 people can be in a 2M square and up to 5 people can be in a 5M square.
  • Melee Lock: When you do go into melee lock you move into he opponent’s square.

COMBAT: Anyone within the squad can act at any time. There is no individual initiative. If for some reason there is a need to see who goes first then the highest IM (or RS) will go first and if that is a tie then a separate roll off would be required.

  • The winning initiative side gets to act and fire first. Order is determined by the group.
  • YOU CANNOT MOVE in this phase nor can you change positions, etc.
  • You also can only perform skill actions that you declared
  • You can fire at multiple opponents if you have a higher ROF
  • The next initiative group then does their combat actions.

End of Round: All end of round actions are performed including stun, knock out, and other effects) are advanced by one round.

Squad Based Combat

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