Skill System

Occupation PSA

Each occupation or OCC that you choose defines your Primary Skill Area or PSA. A Occupation PSA includes 5 skills that will be defined as their Primary Skill Areas and will pay reduced XP prices to increase level. It also defines what the character learned and was trained for prior to going on any missions.

Occupations come with their own skill and will be explained in the occupation section. This skill uses the 2 XP table. (see table below)

Skill Groups

Skills are still grouped into areas and each area for the purposes of tracking the amount of XP they cost and putting some structure around the skills. Here are the groups:

Weapon Skills: These are all the standard weapon skills in the game. They use the 2 XP table
Military Skills: These are all non-weapon skills that belong to the Military grouping. They use the 3 XP table. These including the new skill: Scouting, Gunnery and Tactics.
Technical Skills: These are all the technical skills are located including the new one: Security. They use the 3 point XP table.
Bio-Social Skills: These are all the Bio-Social skills including the new skill: Survivalist. They use the 3 point XP table.
Spacer Skills: These include all the starship skills and they use the 4 point XP table.
Mentalist Skills: When these come available they will use the 5 point XP table.

Each of these skills present a complete skill set and may include multiple skill “actions”. These are actions that you can perform during the course of the game. It is these Skill actions that you roll against.


Skill Percentage Score

BASE SCORE: This is a simple % score or it could be 1/2 an ability score – see skill description

SKILL INCREASE: Nearly all skills (with some exceptions) will grant a 10% increase to the base number per level the character has in its primary skill

SKILL MODIFIERS: Skills could also have a negative based on a variety of factors (Robot level, computer level, program level, etc.). These are added to the base score as general difficulty adjustments. Lastly the referee may also add additional modifiers (bonus or penalty) based on the circumstance.

Success Level

There now is only 2 success levels: Success and Critical Success. If you succeed at the roll it is a regular success. If you roll between 01 and 05 + your skill level you Critically succeed. Special things may happen with critical success. Any time you have 100% or above chance you can choose not to roll and automatically succeed but with no chance of critical success.

Critical Failure is also a possibility. If you roll between 96-00 you automatically fail which has detriment effects beyond simple failure. Lastly critical failures can occur on certain skill checks where you fail by 20% or more. See Skill descriptions fore details.


Skill System

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