Percentage Based System

D100, D10 and D5

The game system uses just the percentage and 10 sided dice throughout the game. The entire game system is based on a 1-100 based rolling system for skill checks, combat, etc. You also roll D10 for certain things (like Initiative) and D5 on very rare occasions.

Roll Low / Critical Success / Failures

The skill / combat section is all about rolling low. 01 being the best roll of the game while 00 is the absolute worse (when it comes to skill / combat checks). Based on your skill level determines the chance of a critical success . For example:

Level 3 BEAM Weapons Skill (50% chance to hit) =
01-08: Critical Success or Hit (5+3%)
09-50: Success or Hit
51-94: Failure or Miss
95-00: Critical Failure or Critical Miss

At this time Roll 20 doesn’t allow formulas for Critical Hit / Miss. Critical Hits will be at the default 01-05 in system.

Percentage Based System

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