Non-Traditional Character Development

Experience Points

Players, as a group, will receive between 0 and 10 XP (varies depending on the length of chapter) per chapter of the adventure. There also may be some individual awards that you can receive (such as XP for being at every game session in that chapter). You can also get up to 2 individual XP for exceptional playing (player or GM sponsorship). All but the individual XP awards are awarded as a team.

Team Awards
There are a set of major objectives to achieve in each chapter. Accomplishing those objectives grant each team member experience points for completing those. It doesn’t matter how you accomplish them, just that you do.

Individual Points
1: For being at every game session
1: You solved a major obstacle or clue
1: Awarded as GM MVP or Player MVP (both grant you a point)

For example in the first chapter you can gain the following amount of XP
TEAM: 5 (Up to 5 objectives can be accomplished)
INDIVIDUAL: 3 points for individual accomplishments
PRESENT: 1 point for being at all game sessions
GM MVP: 1 point from the GM for exceptional playing
PLAYER MVP: 1 point from the player group.
TOTAL Potential of 11 points

Point Buy System

You can choose to keep your XP and save it for later or spend it. You can ONLY spend it during specific points in the adventure (another words you can’t wait to see what you will need and then spend it). You can spend it on the following:

1. Single Ability Score
2. Special Racial Ability
3. Skill Advancement (1 level only)
4. New Skill (Must either learn it from someone or have access to training)
5. Trait (these are rare and powerful “abilities”)
6. Occupational advancement (explained later)

Those are the only 6 things you can spend XP on. Occupational advancement is simply spending points for an opportunity for advancement. In return, you get higher pay, better rank, and potential access to resources.

Non-Traditional Character Development

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