New Character Creation

REVISED 2/20/2015

Character Creation

Character creation is VERY simple in Star Frontiers. It’s one of the best things I love about the game. It allows you to spend more time on the role-playing aspect. Follow these easy steps:

1. Race and Gender

There are 4 races to choose from. I am debating on modifying the Vrusks slightly – instead of having long bodies that extend out – I am going to make them more like bipedal creatures. I won’t do that without the group’s consensus. This is just for ease of the game. They will still have 4 legs and have a slight elongated body but they will be taller (average 2 meters tall) and less obtusely shaped. I am also slightly modifying the Dralasite to allow more elasticity at least in terms of how quickly they can change shapes.

Write down all of your racial special abilities. I will create a Wiki for this.

2. Roll Ability Scores

Normally I would make you roll these in front of me. Instead please use the ability gen macro in Roll20. if your roll doesn’t net you at least 2 ability scores above 45 then you may re-roll.

Apply Derivative Scores

There are only 4 derivative scores: IM, PD, M% and R%. These are pretty simple to figure out:

  • Initiative Modifier (IM): is 10% of your Reaction Speed score (round up)
  • Physical Damage (PD): Also 10% of your Strength (rounded up) and then subtract 3
  • Melee %: This is 1/2 your Strength or Dexterity (use either Power or Finesse attack)
  • Range %: This is 1/2 your Dexterity

Choose Occupation

In the list of occupations under Character Creation, choose one occupation that most closely fits with your character concept. Each occupation has the following important information:

  1. 5 PSA Skills (Skills that are considered In-Class): Check mark the skills under PSA
  2. Basic Description of your occupation (you can create a more specific one)
  3. Required Equipment: This is equipment that you will not need to purchase.
  4. Typical Employer types: The types of organizations that would hire this occupation.
  5. Typical Team Positions: The types of positions that you would have in a team.
  6. Occupation Table: This is the advancement table for your occupation which determine your “experience level” and your typical pay (per day).

Spend initial Experience points on Skills / Abilities

Every player gets 30 initial Experience Points to spend (35 if you are human). You cannot have any skill level above 2 at the start of the adventure and you must spend 20 of your initial points on PSA skills. Any extra points you don’t use can either be saved and put under available xp or you can raise one ability score or you can increase a racial ability.

The point based skill system is different than what is in the book. See this section: Skills

Purchase Equipment

You have 2,000 Credits to spend on initial gear. Read the mission description but everyone gets the equipment listed on their character sheet initially free. You are allowed to keep one melee weapon with you when you start and all other weaponry will be in the weapons locker.

THEN YOU ARE DONE. The entire process should only take about 30 minutes.

New Character Creation

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