Melee Weapons

Damage System

Damage is done using a maximum amount of damage and taking a percentage of that based on how accurate the strike was (see Range Weapons for full details). There are some differences though:

PS = Punching Score is the amount of additional damage you do either in unarmed or armed combat. You ONLY get to add this damage if you are using the POWER Attack style.

PS = (STR/10) – 3. Therefore a Strength of 55 would equal 3 (55 rounded to 60 / 10 = 6 -3 = 3)

Unarmed Damage: Base unarmed damage is 1D10.

Martial Arts Skill: For every level of martial arts you can add 3 points to the damage of your unarmed attacks, making you deadly as you master it. Shock gloves, brass knuckles, etc. use the martial art skill for to hit and adding 3 points. Though you can only make 1 attack with these weapons where true unarmed allows you to make 2 (you can make 1 melee and 1 unarmed).

Melee Skill: For every level of melee you can add 3 points of damage to the damage of your melee weapon making it even more deadly.

Attack Styles

Attack styles allow you to attack with either power (Strength) or finesse (Dexterity). Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages. You can switch styles at any time but must announce it in the declaration phase, otherwise you attack at your last style choice.

Power Attack: This allows you to use your PS (Punching Score) for additional damage. Not all weapons allow you to attack this way (stun stick is a finesse only weapon). You must use 1/2 your strength score to determine your chance to hit. This represents attacking with all your might.

Finesse Attack: This allows you to attack using your dexterity in melee (1/2). Finesse attacks do not add the PS score to the damage. You get a +10% to hit though due to your crafty dexterous attack.

Melee Modifiers

  • Target is flanked (has multiple attackers): +10% (each person above the 1st gets this bonus)
  • Target is unaware of attack or attacker: +20%
  • Target is stunned: +20%
  • Target is encumbered: +10%
  • Target is pinned or Restrained: +40%
  • Target is using Total Defense: -15%
  • Attacker is in Battle Rage: +20%
  • Attacker is Encumbered: -10%
  • Attacker is wounded: -10%
  • Attacker Charges: +10%
  • Attacker is attempting to Disarm: -20%

The system automatically does these modifiers:

  • Attacker’s Weapon Skill: Level x 10%
  • Attacker’s Weapon Modifier: Varies

Melee Weapons

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