General Concept

Where is the “Frontier Sector”

The entire campaign is based on a sector of space called the “Frontier”. It is a unique area covered by nebula and other space anomalies and hides the star systems within. The other unique feature is that the Frontier has many stars close together with a high percentage of those stars having planets with habitable atmospheres. Mathematically the amount of high percentage of habitable planets are unlikely and therefore the assumption within the Frontier is that the planet’s may have been terra-formed.

The other unique feature is that many of the planets have had remnants of an old civilization found and there are many similarities between the archaeological finds have many theorizing that the planet’s were once part of a space faring civilization.

Lastly, somehow 4 space faring races made it (roughly around the same time) to this sector of space with colony ships. Each race began to colonize their own area of the Frontier and several colonies banded together to create a “Inner Colony” made up of all 4 races.

No one from the original colony ships remembers why or how they made it here or even where they came from. Their computer systems were also erased or damaged during the journey. In fact, some of the colony ships are hundreds of years old before they reached Frontier space. No access to their parent civilizations have ever been found.

Science vs. Fantasy Fiction

Star Frontiers core gaming system and the campaign in general was designed with the concept of Science Fiction not Fantasy Fiction. Another words, there has to be a real or probable possibility grounded in today’s science (or theory) that something could actually happen. Therefore there isn’t any huge moon sized battle stations or some other worldly “force Powers”. Instead everything is grounded on the concepts of – could you truly believe something like that exists out there.

it is with this concept that the game balances reality with probability. Here are some technologies that I added since this game was created in the early 1980s.

  • Anti-Gravity: The original game used hover fans and devices
  • Star Drives: The original game created a wormhole like effect to travel without any “star drive”. You simply reached a certain speed and then the wormhole opened.
  • Fuel vs Energy based systems: There are many fossil like fuel systems that I replaced with pure energy based systems.
  • Starship Design: The original starship design was made vertically versus horizontal. All ships that have atmospheric capability are now designed horizontal and others vertically.

General Concept

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