Game Play

You as the PLAYER are as important as your CHARACTER

This game requires some thought and problem solving. The problem solving and strategic thinking is done by YOU the player. Your character benefits from this. Think of your character as the body and your PLAYER mind as the parasite controlling him or her. Yes your character has skills that you don’t have but it’s not just about rolling the dice and saying “I just healed you 10 points”.

Instead, you will have to perform a diagnosis and then figure out from that diagnosis what skill to use. This is the same with robotics. Although you may have gotten through the security lock – but now what do you program it to do… what are it’s functions and it’s overall mission?

Even combat is more strategic, it is squad based combat and you must DECLARE before you begin the round on what your character and will do. You will need to coordinate action between the characters to maximize effect.

Lastly, there are puzzles and problem solving that will need to be done. For example you may be stuck in a room with no exits while the air is being sucked out. There are certain items in the room – what do you do – and skill checks won’t save your character.

The game is also realistic – your character has a high chance of dying from starvation, thirst, or simply taking a lava bath. So be prepared for death. There are no hero or fate points. There is no force. There is simply life and death.

Game Play

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