Frontier History

Frontier History

As stated in the introduction, the Frontier was a fairly remote and empty area of space with little to no intelligent life (at least not found at the beginning of the colonies). It was the perfect place to begin a new colony. No one knows exactly why they came here… where they escaping some great enemy, their homeworld was destroyed or did they simply run out of room.

What is known is that they traveled for centuries using technology that they didn’t come up with. In fact it was remarkable that all the races had the same technology within their colony ships, although each implemented in their own way.

No matter the why – they are here now and together have claimed this small sector of space, which is uniquely surrounded by nebulae and other space anomalies creating almost a natural barrier from which to find.

Rapid Colonization

The era in which this campaign is in is the “Golden Era” of space exploration. Thousands of ships are reaching out to the boundaries of the known Frontier and many of those ships are lost or never heard from again. There is no central government but there are general confederations of star systems that have banded together for mutual trade and protection. These are:

Vrusk Conglomerate
Human Alliance
Yazirian Empire
Inner colonies (Joint Colonial Government)

The dralasites do not have their own area of space and instead reside in one of those four confederations. Each planetary government is completely independent and have their own space militia. In fact there are no central or regional military. If a planet is in danger of being attacked then they call their neighbor planets for help. If an entire region is threatened then they can call a “Muster” which is draft of all civilian and military ships within the region. If you do not support the muster they are allowed to take over your ship and/or destroy it.

Pirates of the Frontier

Pirates are the most major threat of this time period – some of them the size of small colonies and major corporations – spanning large areas of space. It isn’t long before they entire cities and even some planetary militias.

Unknown Threat

There are no other “known” threats within the Frontier. There is the potential of major pandemics, finding a hostile alien race, or even internal cadres or corporations becoming so large they span the frontier – called Mega-Corps. The only current mega-corp in existence at this time is the Pan-Galactic Corporation thanks to their Void Drives. They are on every planet and every space station across the frontier and have interests in almost every major industry.

Frontier History

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