Arast Sorkatze


Arast was born on Hentz in the Araks system, the youngest of a middle-class nuclear family, with two brothers and two sisters. At an early age, he was inducted into the faith of the Family of One, and still follows its doctrines as closely as he is able. This puts him out of place in the larger culture of Frontier, and he knows and regrets that he is perceived as hard-nosed and prudish.

Since everyone on Hentz wears a uniform showing their job and rank, Arast wears his tunic with pride. He adds no vanities such as jewelry or tattoos, and his personal belongings are purely functional. The exception is perhaps his hair and beard, which he keeps immaculately brushed and combed.

Arast’s chosen life enemy is poverty – especially in the sense of a lack of opportunity leading to generational despair. Trained as an environmental engineer, he has a specialty in planetary weather patterns (and control) with a focus on terraforming. He is employed by GODCo, but is currently on contract as a surveyor for Truane Exploration Services.

Arast’s purpose in the Zebulon system was to launch weather satellites to orbit each of the known planets. That work has been rudely interrupted, and he is somewhat angered by the immoral waste of resources.

Arast Sorkatze

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