Truane’s Star Colonial Government expands it’s Expeditionary Service

Although little is being said by the government, we have sources that say that the colonial government of Truane’s Star (the collective government of the planets Pale and New Pale) is hiring and acquiring assets to rebuild it’s failing Expeditionary Services branch.

As many of our readers know, the Expeditionary Service is tasked with exploration of deep space within 10 light years of Truane’s Star and the rescue of stranded, abandoned, or starships that have requested assistance. The service has lost dozens of ships trying to explore the Nebulas and just 6 months ago had an embarrassing and completely failed expedition to Volturnus, a planet in the nearby star system of Zebulon. The expedition included the brightest and best of Truane’s Star and was a heavily broadcasted event.

After multiple hearings and closed door government meetings, all but the rescue portion of the Expeditionary military personnel have been put on hiatus until new leadership and a variety of oversight changes take place. Some have even said that the service may shut down due to budget concerns and lack of interest in exploration.

Truane's Star Expeditionary Service

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