Effects (Poison, Fatigue, etc)


All effects in Star Frontiers will use the same classification:

Effect: S#/D#/L
S = Strength
D = Duration
L = Lethality

Effect Name:

Strength = This is the strength of the effect. The higher the number the more dangerous the effect.
Poison: S = # of points of damage
Infection: S = # of points of damage
Disease S = # skill / ability check penalty
Radiation S = # skill / ability check penalty
Environmental S = # skill / ability check penalty

Duration = This is the length of time between damage periods. Duration of 0 means the effect is persistent. This varies by type of effect:

Poison: D = # of Turns
Infection: D = 10 hour Period
Disease D = 10 hour Period
Radiation D = 20 hour Period
Environmental D = Varies (generally 1 hour periods)

Lethality = This is where the condition will kill you when the duration runs its course:
! = Death once it runs its course,
P = Effect is indefinite and lasts a # of Duration after a successful treatment
If nothing, it won’t kill you unless you run out of Stamina points.

Other effects may apply – see individual description

Effects (Poison, Fatigue, etc)

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