Commander Louis V. Jameson

Commander of Truane's Star Expeditionary Forces


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 1.9 M
Weight: 88 KG
Age: 43

PSA: Military (Expert in Martial Arts, Melee, Beam, and Demolitions)
SSA: Operations (Expert in Survival and Ops)

Other Skills of note: Computer (Expert)

Description: Brown Hair, Brown eyes, Average Height and Weight, White skin and clean shaven. Fit and in Military Uniform. (See Picture)


Previous Commander Louis V. Jameson personally led the mission to Volturnus and is a seasoned veteran of countless expeditions and battles. He is highly decorated officer with the Truane’s Star Military with 22 years of service. Became the Commander of the TSES about 5 years ago. Before personally going on this mission he suspended all exploration until his return.

Went missing as soon as expedition entered the Zebulon System and begun orbiting the planet Volturnus. No word for 6 months from any team member.


Commander Louis V. Jameson

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