Lieutenant Grod

Lieutenant of Truane's Star Expeditionary Forces


Race: Dralasite
Gender: N/A
Height: 1.3 M
Weight: 65 KG
Age: 85

PSA: Technical (Expert in all technical fields)
SSA: Starship Engineer

Other Skills of note: Beam and PGS weapon expert

Description: Standard looking blob


2nd in command of the expedition and a 20 year veteran of the TSES. Grod was selected due to his extensive experience in exploration and providing technical assistance as necessary. He is one of the architects of the current Anti-Grav systems that are used by Air cars and Hover vehicles and is a noted author in “The Metaphysical Foundation of Dralasite Morality.” Seeing the danger of Dralasites being followers instead of leaders.

Went missing as soon as expedition entered the Zebulon System and begun orbiting the planet Volturnus. No word for 6 months from any team member.


Lieutenant Grod

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