Medical Officer for Truane's Star Expeditionary Service


Dralasite Biologist


Race: Dralasite
Gender: Neutral
Height: 1.3 meters (4’4")
Width: 1 meter (3’5")
Weight: 77kg (169 lbs)
Age: 67
Physical Description: An otherwise typical dralasite that has two legs and one arm most times.


Strength: Average
Stamina: Average
Dexterity: Below Average
Reaction: Below Average
Intuition: Above Average
Logic: Above Average
Personality: Above Average
Leadership: Above Average

Profession (PSA/SSA/TSA)

BioSocial / Officer

Current Occupation:

Medical Officer for Truane’s Star Expeditionary Service


Home System: Truane’s Star
Home Planet: Pale
Parents: Adopted by Kora & Tresh Flenus – humans of Pale.
Education: Degrees in Biology and Medicine.



Goblop’s main goal in life is to explore and uncover the mysteries of the universe around it. In general, Goblop is joyful but it’s mood may change at a moment’s notice. It’s confident and idealistic while at the same time somewhat lazy and not afraid of using a white lie to get what it wants. It’s hobbies include discussing intergalactic politics, reciting poetry and cooking (for the Dralasite “palate”)..


Goblop was born on the first moon of Pale. After it’s parent died of a fatal respiratory disease, Goblop was raised by human parents, Korg and Tresh Flenus. It is through this turn of events gave it the human cousin Aeryn Rus, an eccentric roboticist from Pale. The cousins have stuck together through the years, including some rough years.

It’s adopted parents had connections which allowed Goblop to attend military academy. While Goblop had no aptitude for warfare, it was obvious that it had an interest in biology and alien flora and fauna.

The Truane’s Star Expeditionary Service hired Goblop as part of it’s push to correct it’s staff deficiency in the field of medicine, which is crucial for expeditions. Goblop jumped at the chance to use its medic training to increase its chances to study new and interesting creatures and plants of other worlds.


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