Professor of Geology & Explorer


Race: Yazirian
Gender: Male
Height: 2.1 M
Weight: 50 KG
Age: 52

PSA: Biosocial (Guru in Environmental, Expert in Pyscho-Social)
SSA: Scientific (Geology)

Other Skills of note: Computer (Expert)

Description: Brown Fur, Yellow Eyes, Chain hair goes down into a point. Wearing a Civilian TSES uniform.


One of the brightest geophysicist in the Frontier and recognized authority in his field (geophysics and planetary crust formations). Volunteered for the mission when images came back of the planetary surface that revealed unusual crust formations and geological formations. Theory that the planet was once much different just a few hundred years ago than what it currently looks like. Wanted to prove his theories.

Went missing as soon as expedition entered the Zebulon System and begun orbiting the planet Volturnus. No word for 6 months from any team member.



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