Captain Frost

Military Veteran of Truane's Star Defense Force


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 1.88m
Weight: 95kg
Age: 37
Physical Description: Muscled, athletic, brown eyes, square jaw, clean shaved, dark cropped hair.


Strength: Above Average
Stamina: Above Average
Dexterity: Incredible
Reaction: Incredible
Intuition: Above Average
Logic: Above Average
Personality: Average
Leadership: Incredible


PSA: Military
SSA: Ground
TSA: Officer

Other Skills of note:

Current Occupation:



Born on White Light to Cmdr Dan and Luise Frost. Dirk did ok in school, he excelled athletically. Winning varsity Grav-ball champion. They’re was never any question that he would join White Light’s armed forces. After graduating from Zhukov Military Academy he accepted a Lt commission in 63rd Infiltration
Brigade. Where he served with boredom.

Capt Dirk Frost retired just shy of his 20 year enlistment. With only a few pirate firefights and one terrorist hostage rescue listed in his sealed record. The Capt spent a life training for a war that never materialized.

Capt Frost seeks to fight the righteous fight. And if fate deals him that hand, to die a hero’s death. A true warrior, he is lost and purposeless amongst civilians. The only peace he knows is the adrenalin rush of combat.

He hopes serving TSES will bring him the action and chance to test himself; to prove false the last words of his father.

Trait: Man of Action

Catchphrase: “Git’r’done”

Captain Frost

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